There’s been a lot of hype as of late surrounding the Hypnotic version of the gastric band (The lap band). One look at Tziporah, Kate Fischer’s, before and after shots regarding her weight loss and the results are undeniably compelling.

Several years back I studied what is termed as the Holistic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, a process modelled on other trademarked procedures – before even attending the course I had a thorough idea of its content, although I wanted the hands on, active, knowledge of the procedure. There really are some amazing elements to this method and if done effectively, Holistic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy can produce great results. Here’s my simplistic take on the Holistic Gastric Band.

The Holistic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a non-surgical technique that uses Hypnosis and Cognitive Conditioning to convince the Subconscious mind that an actual banding of the stomach has occurred, this in turn leaves you believing your stomach is smaller. With less space in your stomach, your portion sizes naturally shrink into place. The most important difference between Holistic Gastric Band Hypnosis, in comparison to the actual gastric band (also known as the lap band) is that the Hypnotic version also deals with any unneeded patterns and rituals surrounding food…Having a foreign body inside your stomach simply does not deal with the psychological factors inherent with overeating. Using a combination of Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, as well as Aromatherapy, this program will help you change your eating habits forever - without the expense or risks of this surgical procedure.

I use the Holistic Gastric Band method in conjunction with my Collaborative Approach weight control program. See my write up for the collaborative approach for a more extensive, general detailing of process.

I would generally suggest four to six sessions for this procedure.

Why not let your subconscious mind lead the way to your ideal weight? – Get in touch, I can help you with this!