The three phases to permanent weight loss

Phase One: changing your relationship to food

So, here we are - more than likely you’ve tried this process of obtaining your ideal body weight once or twice before (Hypnotists are quite often the last resort) and maybe you’ve read a million contradictory articles on the subject and have walked the walk many different ways and despite all the fantastic advice that you’ve consumed over the years you’re still not where you’d like to be in regards to your body size.

Regardless of whether hypnosis is your next step, the truth is, ‘If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different!’ If you think this maybe your next way forward let me explain a general outline of my collaborative approach. Know that this process can change and quite often I will do a one-off session for people and check their results a little down the line, although depending on how much weight you’d like to be free of I generally will suggest two or more sessions.

Finding our motivational drivers

What are your motivations for wanting to be this ideal weight and size? These motivational factors are the foundation on which we build a solid new platform to underpin your ideal weight intentions. They’ll be both positive and negative – a moving towards your ideal weight and a moving away from your current unwanted body weight. These motivational drivers are the first step in what I call my collaborative approach and are, in fact, the most important part of the process. If you can find what’s going to motivate you, I mean really motivate you, we’re on our way to a winner – know that the vast majority of times I work with people I need to help them ramp up, intensify, their motivation in a way that will support and see them through in reaching and maintaining their ideal size. Believe it or not if you have these motivational factors firmly in place the rest becomes relatively easy. I’m sure you must know some of the reasons behind your wanting to be an ideal size, this is always the first step in the process and this is where these motivational drivers are found. Through a manner of clarification, we fine tune your motivation and strengthen your resolve – this will be our foundation.

changing your relationship to food

Next, we want to pinpoint any bad habits that you may have around food? Any unsupportive triggers or beliefs, like ‘I must finish everything on my plate – there are people in Africa starving,’ Or ‘I can’t watch a movie without grazing on snacks.’ Whatever these unsupportive triggers or beliefs may be a vast majority of people, overweight or not, can probably come up with a few. This first phase of the collaborative approach is all about readjusting and sometimes changing these patterns around food. Defusing any emotional triggers for both, food and activity, as well as bringing your eating habits into a conscious perspective, so that we can recognize what works and what may hinder your weight loss objectives - Neuro Conditioning, or re-conditioning, is a term I would use for this process.

How would you like to Purposively choose and be in control of the habits, manners, urges and the ideas that you have around food? That’s exactly what we want to do in this first Phase, reflect and question our habits and food choices and consciously decide whether they support us in where we want to go with our weight and then Purposively choose the habits, the manners and the ideas that will support you in, not only obtaining your desired weight, but also underpinning what works so as to maintain this ideal size at a subconscious level.

We want to consciously review your thought bubble around food, restructure its content and then put it back at a subconscious level – like a breath of fresh air, or the beat of your heart, mostly free from conscious intervention (thought).

So, during these first few sessions of Phase One we may use Hypnosis, Trance, NLP as well as other Therapeutic Modalities to, “defuse,” your trigger emotions – changing the rituals you have around food. We will really pinpoint what it’s going to cost you by not making these changes and then go on to refocusing your attention, onto all the ways you will benefit by making these changes.

Phase Two: The real weight loss phase

Up until this point in the program we’ve been changing your associations and triggers towards foods and beginning to really define how it is you want to be in this new role as this thinner self. Phase Two is all about identifying with this new, purposely created, sense of being. Listing and forming these attributes and qualities that you will have as a confident and slim person. Really starting to experience this new, sense of self - first in your minds-eye, feeling what it feels like through the power of your imagination and then, through the use of Hypnosis, Trance, or NLP, allowing your subconscious mind to follow your pre-set coordinates (you can think of it like a road map) to how it is that you really want to be.

We want to let go of the old and really start focusing in on the New. We want to super charge your inner strength, self-belief and confidence and start to move towards this new self. When you are in tune with the energy and vitality of your body, you will want to move your body and allow it to express itself through physical activity and we can make this so, even if you currently hate exercise or even the thought of doing any kind of physical activity. I am not teaching you how to exercise or making you feel guilty for not being active enough - Who needs that? Instead I will use Hypnosis, NLP and Trance to help inspire you to connect you with your energy and vitality. It is all about re-igniting that passion from within, so that You automatically have more energy and vitality in your life…


Because you’ll feel more energetic and alive, you’ll naturally find yourself becoming more physically active in your day-to-day life - you won’t be able to help it. Your body will be taking you into physical activities that are good for you and are right for your body. Your body already knows what activity is best for it – so your body will lead you into the activities and exercises that uplift you and of course bring Your Body into Alignment with the Ideal Weight You Will Set for Yourself.
By the time you reach the fourth session, you will already be seeing the kilos drop off. After all, you’ll have a new relationship with food and you will no longer have trigger emotions ruling your life. You will have “unlocked” your vital energy and you’ll be feeling really good about yourself. You’ll be on the path to achieving your ideal body weight (whatever that is for you). These sessions are all about reinforcing all the other sessions, really insuring that the foundation (the components) of the collaborative approach program, have been laid solid. It’s about creating a future “road-map” for your subconscious mind to follow instinctively, as natural and easy as a blink of your eye... This way, you won’t have to use will-power or regimented discipline to keep your weight loss progress on track. Instead your subconscious mind will be totally aligned with your goals and will continuously move you into behaving, feeling and responding in such ways that you always make the right food and activity choices, whatever they may be for you.

Phase Three: The Lifestyle Phase

This is the part of the program where you are more than on your way to your ideal weight. You have changed your old patterns and rituals around food and you have now, created and incorporated, new supportive ways of both responding to food and exercise on all levels:

Emotionally - Physically - Mentally and for some spiritually.

We will make adjustments, test our work and make more adjustments, focusing on continued self-esteem and self-love. We will reinforce the motivational factors of why it was that you were motivated to lose this weight in the first place. Really continuing, creating and cementing this new self-image, until it fits, perfectly in place.

The collaborative approach is not about a diet it's about a Lifestyle - not my lifestyle, but Your lifestyle! The one that you have purposively come to create. All together there are four to six sessions making up the collaborative approach programs….

These sessions will change You from the “Inside-Out”

You will automatically start to do all the right things in regard to being at your desired weight? No need for conscious intervention - why not allow your subconscious mind to handle your weight objectives? Automatic pilot, right there alongside your breathing and your heartbeat?

The collaborative approach Programs will Gently Guide You into your ideal weight, just as simple and natural as a blink of your eye.

Your absolute commitment and engagement to this process will see you through to the results that you seek and therefore are essential.

Why not let your subconscious mind lead the way to your ideal weight – get in touch, I can help you with this!