Conscious to Subconscious Weight Control!
Weight Control for those who have over thought it every other way.

Collaborative Approach

No one person is the same. Our beliefs, the information we carry around food and even the way we digest and process the food that we consume is always going to vary from person to person. Some aspects may be similar, although over all there will be differences. The collaborative approach program is centred around the flexibility needed to deal with each person individually, while still using tried and tested methodology, as a starting point, in order to obtain the right combination of therapeutic applications to bring about desired change – in other words, one size most definitely does not fit all and therefore I assist each person differently, for the most part, in their weight control endeavours.

Holistic Gastric Band

The Holistic gastric band, done hypnotically, is all about using Hypnosis to convince the sub-conscious mind that an actual banding operation has occurred. This is a multi-sensory process using a combination of Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Aromatherapy. I will help you change your eating habits forever, without the expense or risk of the actual surgical procedure. The Holistic Gastric Band is quit often combined, in conjunction with my Collaborative Approach Program, as a means to regulate excessive eating patterns.