Totally Toned

I live on the Sunshine coast region of Australia and you only have to drive to the costal areas to get a good glimpse of the fitness minded people that reside here. Joggers, cyclists, surfers this list can be an extensive one - extreme gyms on a good few corners. People want to look and feel their absolute best and it’s a motivating factor in some peoples pursuit to fit in – to feel as if they belong amongst this group of fitness minded people, ascribing to the ideal that a well-toned body, leads to an actualized self.

The way I work with those clients who come to me in their pursuit to be Totally Toned is a kind of a mash up between my Weight Control and my Peak Performance programs, with both elements supporting the other.

It all starts and ends in definition: definition of your objectives for your body and definition of your body and mind in itself. How is it that you would like your body to be? Where are you now and how will you know when you’ve reached your ideal self? What does that look and feel like, when you think about that now? And when you think of that, can you identify anyone else who is holding that space - anyone whose body-being is as you’d like your own to be? You may already have a list of attributes that make up this perfect self?

In NLP we’d call part of this process of defining and emulating these desired attributes, whether they are fully imagined and/or identifiable in others, Modelling.

That is what this program is about, bringing your body to the shape that you desire and your mind to a place where you hold the ideals and routines of a person with that body shape, whatever those ideal's may be for you.

You maybe saying to yourself, right about now, ‘Well duh… the link said Totally Toned and that’s why I clicked on it, that’s exactly what I want my body to be like, Totally Toned.’

…. And you’d be right, but Totally Toned means something different to everyone and therefore we want to break down exactly what it means to you to be Totally Toned – how you will be feeling when you’ve reached this ideal – what must you believe about yourself and what can’t you believe about yourself, in order for this to be true – what are the daily routines and rituals you may want to adopt so as to encourage this Totally Toned self and what ones will you probably need to, reinvent, lose, or leave behind?

Through Neuro Conditioning and Hypnosis, we can change the beliefs and ideas that may not be supportive to you, in your pursuit of this ideal self and then go on to install, reconditioned and/or target hitting new ones, that will be much more effective and ultimately successful to you in pursuit of your ideal, Totally Toned self.

Reconditioning or changing negative beliefs like:

“I can’t do this – I’ve failed in the past and there’s a good chance I will fail again in the future - I just can’t help myself - I love sweets to much - I’ve never been that size before - if I push myself any further I swear I’m going to die – I can’t seem to lose weight in that area.” I am pretty sure you have a few of your own.

The truth is that you’ve really got to want this Totally Toned self if you’re aspiring to the attributes of some of those top toned people out there. I can’t teach you what weights to lift or what exercises to focus on, at this level per say, but I can help you model and install those ideal attributes that you’ve identified, in yourself and in others, as well as tapping in to your own imagination in powerful ways that will see you to where and how you really want to be. The three main things you require in this process are: Inclination & motivation, which we can inspire and intensify in you and of course knowing where you want to go and how you want to be when you get there, which I can also help you thoroughly clarify.

Once motivation and intent are in place, we will go on to recondition and create new, realistic, beneficial and empowering beliefs and rituals to replace the old unsupportive ones with. Through the use of Hypnosis, NLP, or other Therapeutic Modalities we go to install these reconditioned and new beliefs into your psyche - kind of like a subconscious set of building blocks, stacked - purposely, one on top of the other, in the form of a stairway reaching up to the level that you aspire to be at, making the process of getting there even easier and more certain – a bit like Childs play, one step after another.

We then go on to create high performance states that we attach, or link to these desired intentions. There are many different ways to illicit these high-performance states, although for this process I generally use New Code NLP games. These New Code games are low impact physically and can be done in my office and they are devised to elicit high performance states in the participants of the game, a ‘Zone State,’ in other words, of which we link neural associatively to your desired intent.

Wikipedia describes ‘the zone state,’ as ….

‘The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus.’

I would include this adage to their definition,‘free from conscious intervention or, interference.’

We elicit these high-performance states and then anchor (link–merge–attach) them to your intention to be Totally Toned.

These States, along with your motivating beliefs, feelings and sense of how and what you will be like, holding this space of Totally Toned, become the ramped-up high-powered drivers that will go on to push you towards where you want to be - with both the Subconscious mind and Conscious mind working together in unison, completely aligned and in absolute agreement, all systems go.
This is my recipe for Totally Toned.

Give me a call, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.