This is Peak Performance Hypnosis and NLP for sports, theatrics and accelerated learning through subconscious assimilation.

Can you imagine doing well, or wanting to do really well at something and realizing that there have been others that have exceeded, or far surpassed your own ability? Maybe you’re already at the forefront of your particular activity, or more specifically your personal forefront and you want to do even better.

Do you have a dream, a vision, perhaps a committed drive to push past and excel beyond the current levels of known or excepted ability into a new realm of unchartered possibility?

Aren’t we as humans constantly striving to push the boundaries of possibility?

This is what Peak Performance Hypnosis is all about! Pushing the boundaries of our abilities into realms we have yet to go, or yet to go consistently – Being the Best of the Best.

Surprising to the vast majority, Peak Performance Hypnosis – the way that I do it anyways, is not necessarily about going into a deep state of hypnosis, although that may also be utilized within the process.

Peak Performance Hypnosis starts with defining (specifying) what your desired outcome is.

‘What’s the Dream?’

Can you get a sense of what you want? How you will be holding that space as an elite Athlete, Actor, performer or perhaps academically (know that Einstein and Charles Dickens, amongst others were known to practice forms of Hypnosis).

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

That’s where we start off, a desired outcome, a full sensory rich well-defined outcome (I will be actively be involved in helping you to craft this well-defined masterpiece).

Moving on we want to identify anyone else who is currently doing or has done what it is you’re striving to do at this ultimate level (not needed necessarily although a definite plus). As you think of your desired outcome, can you identify anyone else who is currently doing what it is you would like to do? Somebody we can use as a Model, so as to go on to emulate their specific excellence.

“Find a Genius you’d like to emulate and Subconsciously Assimilate their desired attributes!”

John Grinder on modelling
New Code NLP Training 2011

We want to break down those aspects that make them great and then Model them into our own behaviour.
At this point the real fun and magic starts (new worlds are created) we merge and intertwine your desired outcome with these desired modelled attributes to create a new sense of excellence, first in your minds eye and then in real time.
We take this new sense of imagined excellence (desired outcome combined with those modelled attributes) and we super charge them through high performance states – This is where the fireworks really begin.
These High-Performance States, commonly known as the Flow, or The Zone States are created in many different ways, although for our clinical purposes I use a process of New Code NLP to reach these ultimate states of pure flow.

Wikipedia describes ‘the zone state,’ as ….

‘The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus.’

I would include this adage to their definition, ‘free from conscious intervention or, interference.'

We generate these High-Performance States and go on to anchor (link-attach-associate) them with our desired outcome and modelled attributes, making them as one in our mind, both consciously and subconsciously - creating this new sense of driving excellence that than goes on to manifest as our intended outcome.

‘viola’ a star is born!

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