The seeds of change

The other day my neighbour asked me whether I was really a Hypnotist and how I had gotten into it? This got me thinking and I realized that it had been more than just enrolling onto a course, it had been a journey starting somewhere around the age of eight.

Growing up I had issues surrounding learning, a mild form of dyslexia and through these challenges I was forever frustrated in regards to learning, even the thought of learning would send me into this anxious state of frustration - I attached many other negative beliefs to this frustration along the way.

I knew that I wasn’t stupid, but boy I sure felt that way and struggled with my schoolwork none the less. At around the age of eight I remember hearing about ground-breaking tests that were being conducted in subliminal learning - the reports suggested learning while you slept. I knew that was my answer to learning, if only I could record my lessons and then listen to them in my sleep, I would be able to avoid all the torment that I associated with the act of learning and just learn. That never happened, but this was the point at which my fascination with Hypnosis, inadvertently began (know that Hypnosis is not sleep).

Flash forward six years and I was still experiencing this frustration in association with my learning, my grades at school were rubbish and I was going through my teenage years. That Idea of learning in my sleep hadn’t left me and that year I had gotten a book on Hypnosis from the book fair, It was titled something in the lines of, ‘the power of self-hypnosis,’ with an illustration of a pendulum pocket watch and a starry backdrop for a cover.

This would be my way out of all this frustration that I was experiencing regarding my learning. There were numerous chapters of content, a break down of process, before the Author discussed his techniques of Hypnosis and though I began the book thoroughly planning on reading it sequentially, there was a point of impatience or frustration on my part and therefore I skipped the first part of the book and jumped quite quickly to the Hypnotic processes.

The two Hypnotic processes I remember from the book were an escalator count back as well as an elevator count down. 'See yourself on an escalator and as you step on, begin to count down from the number ten to zero.' Timing it so that you steped off the escalator at zero entering into a state of Hypnosis and if you were not sufficiently Hypnotized at the bottom of the escalator, then you would proceed to an elevator and repeat the exact same process. I remember going into states alright, but mostly it was a state of sleep and/or endless escalator and elevator journeys throughout the night.

I now know that even if I had gone into a state of Hypnosis and believe me this technique can and does work, I would have had no means of delivering useful suggestions to myself anyways. It’s unfortunate that my dyslexia kept me from thoroughly reading that book, because had I had the capacity to really engage and contextualize with its content, I may have saved myself many years of frustration and negative self beliefs, that I had come to associate with my learning.

I do remember the first times that I, knowingly, experienced Trance. My father, a Trained Psychiatrist, would lead my brother and I through what were termed as ‘guided fantasies’, a progressive relaxation technique that generally elicits trance states. I absolutely loved these guided fantasies and anytime my father was willing to guide me through the process, I was more than a willing participant. I later went on to emulate this process with my friends with great success.

Later, in the early eighties, when I was living with my father going to college in Northern California, he introduced me to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I was fascinated with its content and though I really didn’t get the full gist of the information that was being shared I knew that there was great value there (I was still processing a lot of frustration and negativity around my ability to learn – experiential learning was my preferred method of learning at that point of my life). I bought all of Bandler and Grinders books at that time and though I so wanted to acquire the knowledge within, I would begin them with the best of intentions and then find myself confused, which would lead me down my usual Neural Associative pathways of frustration and self-recrimination - regarding my ability to learn. The books were put aside with the hope of someday gaining understanding surrounding their content. I kept those original copies for years dragging them around the world on my travels, occasionally pulling out, 'frogs into princesses' and reviewing the eye accessing charts.

A Foundation of success

In 2011, though I still experienced frustration and doubt surrounding learning, I committed myself to the Alternative Health Sector, wanting to help others through their own life challenges and personal growth endeavour’s. There was really only one starting point in my mind and that was NLP - I scoured the internet in search of the right place to study, I read the reviews cross checked the reviews and found that there was a whole bunch of conflicting information around what course I should take. There was nobody, that I felt I could trust, to help guide me to the right course and so in the end, I decided to go with the NLP Academy in London, because it hosted one of the two Co-founding partners John Grinder. I completed the practitioner at the academy and then went on to complete the Master practitioner soon after that.

By the time I was finishing my Master practitioner in NLP I felt the need to learn Hypnosis in order to have a full rounded education in this realm of change-work and again I found a lot of conflicting information surrounding the art of Hypnosis. I did the reviews cross checking facts and speculation and once again I went for a big name in Hypnosis. I attended Stephen Brooks course in conversational Hypnosis at the University of Roehampton, in London, where I graduated as a Master Practitioner, with Distinctions, in the art of Conversational Hypnosis.


My Learnings with John Grinder and Stephen Brooks are the foundations to my knowledge base. The fields of Hypnosis and NLP are extremely varied and I have since gone on to train with many different trainers in order to get a really broad range of methods and applications to help my clients make the changes they are seeking.

In 2015 I immigrated with my family to Australia from England and now reside in Eudlo Queensland, where I am a Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

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I am Ruick and I am a registered clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. My formal studies, for Therapy, began in 2011 at the NLP Academy, where I studied and qualified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming under one of the co-creators, John Grinder. I went on to Master Hypnosis, with Distinctions with the renowned, Stephen Brooks (British Hypnosis Research) at the university of Roehampton, in London. These learnings are merely the foundations of my knowledge base and I have since gone on to learn numerous other types of Therapeutic Modalities. I have recently been certified in Scientific Hypnosis, with Tom Silvers, as well.

  • Master practitioner in Hypnosis & NLP
  • Client focused working with each person individually
  • Results oriented

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